what Doctor who character are you? (1)

doctor who is a cool show about a time traveler from the planet Gallifrey.

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Vacation time! Where to?

any place beachy
disney land!!!
home for me please
snowy place

You are home alone and get scared what to do?

call mom or dad
call the police
hide in bed
try to forget about it
watch a horror movie, hehe

you go to grandma's and start eating the food and it is AWEFUL!!!

tell her
try to eat it
hide it under the table
throw up
go to the bathroom and hide until dinner is over
tell everybody over the whole table

you find out that your "bff" says mean things about you what do you do

talk to her
go to a corner and start to cry
punch her/him
throw sticks at her
say mean things about her too
forget about it and move on

you get to chose one pet witch do you pick?

anything exotic
no pet