Would You Have Died on the Titanic?

Would You Have Died on the Titanic?

If you were living in 1912 and were lucky enought to get a ticket on the Ship of Dreams, would you have survived its sinking or not?

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When you hear that all the lifeboats are gone, what would you do?

Stay aboard the ship
Jump off the ship and try to swim to a boat

If you woke up and found that water was covering the floor of your room, what would you do?

Calmly put a life jacket on and get to the top deck
Panic, run around, try ton find your way to the top deck as soon as possible

What would you do when the ship started to tilt straight up and down?

Climb over the rail and look down on the water
Try to hold on to the rail until you reach the water

What would to do to get a life jacket

Take the time to look for one
Steal one

If someone trips and a wave of wateris coming at them, what would you do?

Try to help them
Leave them