Are you a popular, nerd or jock

Are you a popular, nerd or jock

This is a personality quiz for people how are bored or want to know if they are a popular, nerd or jock person. Hope you like it! :D

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Hello :D

Aloha! (That means hi/hello in Hawaiian) :D
Um.. Hi
Sup my man! What's up!
Hello there... Is my hair alright!
... *no response*

Do you like PE

F*** NO!
Sometimes but, I don't run fast though.
I like the running part... Just not push ups.
Can I run right now...
I LOVE it I am like the PE champion
No...I would rather go on my Xbox and play video games all day

What are your hobbies?

Going on my XBOX 360!
Having a fashion show with my fashion friends.
Singing, acting and dancing
Swimming, running, lifting weights, hanging out with the cheerleaders/football players and stuff like that...
I don't have time for a hobby! I have to study for my test! *folds arms*
Being so darn amazing!

What is this a picture of?!

What is this a picture of?!
It is a kitten.. It is so CUTE!
It is a cat... not a huge deal people
OH I KNOW IT! Its a fuzzy kitten
its a fuzzy little kitten... It would like it much better with nerd glasses and a mustache though.
MUST TOUCH! it looks so darn cute and fluffy! *pets perfect fluffy fur and gasps calmly*.

WRONG! It is a fluffy, adorable, cute and amazing kitten! Anyways what is your favorite subject in school

PE! I love PE! running is the best part of my day.
Choir/band. I love to learn and hear myself do it :D
Math. I love those hard problems, it helps me become a better person inside.
None I HATE school it is so boring! *Snore snore*
I don't know.. I love all of my classes
Language arts

What type of music do you like...

Pop/hip hop such as Katy Perry, Selena Gomez, Taylor Swift and Ke$ha
what does this have to do with anything...
Country of course! I love that calm music.
Classical rock. I love to old songs from 1920'S-2000'S.
Scream rock. LOVE IT!
Any.. music is my life!

only 6 more questions to go... :D

UGH! You are wasting my time... HURRY UP!
YAY! I love this quiz so far! :D
Ok good to know I guess...

what does 2+2 equal?

4 DUH!
9 no 5 no 3 100? I don't know I suck at math... :\
OMG its is 4!
What does this have to do with anything...?

What would you do in this situation
Your friend sneaks out a beer from their parents fridge. Your friend asks you if you want a beer after school you say...

"No thanks I don't want a beer, I don't think you should either."
"YES please I never tried a beer..."
"NO!" *walks away like your so perfect*
"Sorry no, my parents would kill me if I did."
*No response and walks away without saying anything*
"nah i'm good"

What is your solution,
You have to study for your test but, your friend invites you to their birthday and everyone in the school is going you...

Don't go to the party and study for your test, (I don't want to get a bad grade)
Well everyone is going... I am going to the party there is always time for test studying later!
Go to the party but leave the party early to study for my test. It is a win win solution. (AND I LIKE TO WIN!)
Is there football players or cheerleaders! Sorry but, I am going to that party!

What is your favorite animal?

Dolphins! (They are awesome) :)
Wolves! Especially Arctic wolves they are the best wolves in my opinion! :)
Tiger, because I can run as fast as them. :)
Shark. Shark eat you now! LOL :)
zoo animals! :)
Horse! I love to ride them

Do you like the show My Little Pony Friendship is Magic

Not really all i really wanna do is run!
Never heard of the show but, I will check it out.
OMG YES, btw its called being a brony/ peaguas sister
NO! don't say that name again please!
I watch it when I am bored... So... Kind of.

Thats the end bye!

bye -plays video games-
bye bye gotta run a lap!
bye person!