Are you random? (5)

See if you are random, if you are a barrel, rainbow, skittle, waffle, or a panda. Will you pass???

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Do you want to slap someone with a fish?

Maple Syurp...*^* (Me: I asked if you want to slap someone with a fish O_O)
Who doesnt!? *Slapz you* (Read bottom) HEY!
Pink fluffy unicorns do!
No. I work at the deli counter. *Takes the fish*

Are you a waffle lover???

Kinda. I prefer... PIE O3O
Are they magical (Me: Yes o_o) Then yea!
Waffles. Are. Crazy. Awesome.
I like coffee. =.=

Nyan Kitty, Pop Tarts, Waffle Cat, Waffles, or none?

Nyan Kitty!
POP-tarts B)
...Wa-- Waffles then o.o
*Interrupts him* Waffle Cat!

Best person that's title starts with a P

PewDiePie :OOO
Pokemon Anime! :p (I said person...well I guess that is ok o-o)
Mlp (I said starts... I guess that is ok too owo)

Final question.

Derp.(Me: You read my mind.)
Derp Derpy Derp. (Me; Very true :L)
But I wuv u :( (Me: What o.O)
Spread the word... (Smile Dog: *Smiles*
Finnally. T U T (Me: I get what you mean o.o)

Trickeeed CHU!

Im calling 911! :'(
Yayz (Me: O_O)
Derp . _ .
*The house has a Blackout* Spread the word! e3e

If you see diamonds on the ground in minecraft, what do you do?

Summon my dog named Smiles to pick them up for me. (Me: You creep me out o.o) I do? *Smiles and chuckles*
Run in circles and scream Look diamonds!!! Until someone picks them up o-o
Blow 'em up!
Take care of them like they are babies. (Me: I gotta go... ono)
I dont play it... I guess kill them? (Me: Please dont o,o)

I got Smart questions o.o

I wuv them :) (Me: o.o)
Good. :L
Puppy unicorns e3e (Me: Please just leave ono) Yay e3e
...good for you...

Bai. :P

But I wuv you. (Me: AHH! O.o)
Bai. :P (Me: You copied me o.o) You copied me o.o (Me: Stop. ouo) Stop. ouo
Bye. YAY!