Which 'Bad Teacher' are you? (1)

Which 'Bad Teacher' are you? (1)

Want to know which character you are from the bit movie Bad Teacher? Are you Elizabeth Halsey, who doesn't give an F? Or are you Amy Squirrel, the squeaky-clean, do-gooding ridiculously happy teacher? Take the personalilty quiz and find out now!

published on March 13, 20148 responses 0

A good education is important right?

Yes, definitely.
Whatever, who cares when you can be rich!
Does sport count as a good eduction?
Ermm... Well, yes. Wait, no... Oh I'm not sure.

If someone said something that was incorrect, how would you like them know they were wrong?

Explain in a nice tone, don't make them feel bad about themselves. Always end criticism on a high note.
Tell them they were wrong I guess.
Say it how it is, I don't care whether or not I hurt their feelings - they shouldn't have got it incorrect.
I probably wouldn't tell them they were wrong... Everyone has their own views and opinions on certain things.

What is your favourite colour?

Anything girly. So, pink and purple!
Yellow or green... They just brighten up my day as I think about the environment around me.
There are so many different colours out there that are really nice. I cant decide, it depends on my mood.

What is the best present a teacher could receive from a student?

A football.
An apple? I think... I mean that is what students are normally stereotyped as giving to teachers.
The passion they show in relation to the subjects the teachers teach in school.
Not making any noise.

How would you describe yourself?

Attractive. I'm always the centre of attention. Everyone loves me.
Sporty and laid back.
Ermm.. I'm not sure, I don't really think about this sort of stuff.
Super organised. I take pride in everything I do.

Getting a job is..

A complete waste of time, when you can marry someone rich.
Extremely important. You get to pursue a career in a subject you're passionate about. Plus
you meet some super fun people.
Alright if it involves some kind of sport.
Important. Well for most people it is.

What do you value more? Intelligence? Or beauty?

Beauty, without a doubt. That is definitely one of the most important things in your everyday life.
You don't need beauty or brains to become a famous sports star so neither would be important to me.
Ermm... Well, both are quite important I guess. However, I don't really have an opinion on which I value more.
Intelligence. How will you expect to be in a well paid job in the future without working hard.

Would you ever be pressured into doing something you didn't want to?

If it keeps everyone happy then... Yes I would.
No. Definitely not, people follow my rules. Not the other way around.
I'd probably want to do it anyway so I'd agree.
I don't get pressured into things that much. But if I'd really think about what I was getting in to.

Students are...

The most important people ever! They teach the teachers are much as the teachers teach
Ugh, annoying.
Well... It depends on the student I guess. Hmm... What do you think?
They're ok. If they like sport we will get on fine.

Mornings are...

I feel indifferent about mornings.
Mornings? Who has time for that when you can stay in bed till 1pm.
Super, super fun! Love getting up at the crack of dawn to admire the beautiful sunrise.