What Kind Of Dragon Are You?

What kind of dragon are you? Find out by taking this quiz! Post your dragon type in the comments below!

published on March 13, 201440 responses 14
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Your friend is in danger, what do you do?

Don't care, just let him/her go.
Try as hard as I can to help them! But I can't do to well.
Watch and laugh, it's the funniest thing I've ever seen!
Help of course! That's my friend!
G as quick as I can, at lighting speed and use all of my strength to help!

Your alone in the woods, and need something to eat fast! What is your first thought?

Eat some berries, I would never hurt an innocent animal!
Maybe some bugs, I like animals to much, just not bugs, but I still eat them to save the lives of the other animals. Occasionally, berries.
I will eat all of the biggest, juiciest, meatiest animals in sight!
Eat some animals, no berries or bugs, just some animals.
Berries, bugs, maybe ONE animal...

You spot a Village full of people. What do you do first?

Nothing, just ignore them and go to sleep.
Try to sneak past them so they don't get scared, I don't want to harm them or have them scared.
Just keep walking past, but I don't hurt them.
Mess with them and scare them to death! Haha! Fun!
Just EAT them! I just love myself a tasty Villager snack!

Your stuck in the middle of a wildfire, what's your first reaction?

Keep burning it!
Try to get out, but tease the animals that are scared.
Try to put it out as quick as I can! I just hate destruction to nature!
Put it out maybe, but for sure run, and try to save all of the animals I can!
Save myself! Run away! Save a few animals... maybe just 3.

You are about to find your own mate. How do you do it?

Show off my beautiful talents!
Show off my exploring side! Show them I'm up for saving them when they are in danger!
Tease them and see if they like me. If they don't, I'll just be even meaner.
Burn everything to show off my destructive skills!
Show my nature loving side and hope they'll dig me!

Your very sick. How do you get over your cold?

Lay down all day and be lazy. Just wait it out.
Burn a bunch of stuff and see if it goes away!
Tease others and just wait it out while being mean!
Be brave, and hope for the best. Maybe every now-and-then, go exploring for medicine.
Sit down for a bit. Eat something. Sit back down.

Somebody you don't like is being mean. How do you handle it?

Try to block out the noise and take a nap.
Burn them! Burn them!
BE even meaner back to them! I'll show them!
One tear dribbles down my face, I strike back with a mean name, and run away.
Run to somebody bigger and tell them what's going on so it doesn't happen to anybody else.

What is your favorite color?

Bright red and bright orange!
Dark red, lava color!
Deep blue... so peaceful! ^-^
Light blue, white, so majestic!
Green, and brown. Kind of dirtyish colors.
None of these. I hate all colors!

What's your favorite food?

A couple of fish... some berries to!
Berries, plants... you know...
Fish! Fish! Fish! Lots of fish!
Any meat. I like mine fried!
I like my meat burnt!

If you could pick a place, where would you go?

Somewhere fit for exploration!
Somewhere hot, but lots of animals to bully!
Somewhere cold, but beautiful!
A place peaceful... like a meadow... full of flowers!
Somewhere completely flammable!