Who Are You From Camp-Half Blood?

Who Are You From Camp-Half Blood?

Who are you from Camp-Half Blood? Percy himself? Thalia Grace? Piper McLean? Take this quiz to find out! (Gods not included.)

published on September 21, 201198 responses 17 4.7★ / 5

Do you work hard?

If it means I get something I want
Nah, not at all
If I absolutely have to
To save someone I love, yes
It depends-what am I working on?
Sort of, but when I fail I get too depressed
To help a go or goddess, I sure will

Describe yourself

Easily scared
As helpful as possible
All-around perfect
Fierce and with a bad temper

If monsters captured you, what would you do?

Blast 'em all with lightning
Form a plan to escape
Try to fight your way out
Blast all the monsters to bits
Summon some skeletons to come to your aid
Build something to get you out
Manipulate and trick the monsters
Shoot the monsters with arrows to distract them
Plead with them to let you go

What do you think of Zeus?

Who? The big god?
Big bully
I respect him and all the other Olympians
Poseidon should be in charge
He's not that great of a father
He's okay, but what did my dad ever do to him?
Ares is better
I don't know, I'm new to the whole demigod thing
I bet I could talk him into letting my mom take charge...

What's the scariest monster?

Laistrygonian giant
Hyperborean giant
The Minotaur
Nemean Lion