who does ball jump he cue?

who does ball jump he cue?

why does ball jump the cue. he is a dik and this description is just giving a nice explanation aboyuy the quiz that will proceed this description.

published on March 11, 20147 responses 2

10 people, what do you do?

make it 11 by joining them
take one and make it 9
tempt them into entering you
tempt them into entering your shop to buy turkish delight. not the crap version that comes with the commercial exponential increase in foreign delights, but the good stuff from market stalls that has shaved coconut on top and smells good

tall or short trees in your garde,

no garden

hipster or elbowshaker

don't mind nickelback
like swag
harry pearce is a hipster no question one answer its a shay given

is 1 bigger or smaller than 1.0001

the same as you round down using boundaries

take five?

nah il gos second break thanks not hungry
yeah at the end before lesson 2
give 6
not possible too mnay people in thw world
1 billion peoplei n china, not one great cricketer