What mythical creature are you? (5)

What mythical creature are you? (5)

Discover what mythical creature lurks inside of you! Do not be shy! Let the creature out for everyone to discover it!

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What is your favorite color?

What is your favorite color?
Pink, Purple, Light Blue, Etc.
Dark Colors
Black, Grey, Brown

Where would you rather be at?

Any where at night
In the woods
The sea, ocean, or body of water
In a forest where no one lives
Inside listening to music by a nice warm fire

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

Having a bonfire
Going out on the town at night
Staring at the stars
Going for a run

What music do you listen to?


What is your favorite season?

Any season is a great season

You are going out on the town!! Time to find a club! Where would you go?

Screw city clubs! Bonfire!!
Underground Clubs
Who cares about night clubs!! Party at my place!
Club with a pool

If you could get named after a slush, what would it be?

Coke Delight
Cherry Blast
Strawberry Delight
Ocean Water
Magic Sparkle

You are being attacked by a demonic crazy human. How would you kill him?

Sparkle Magic Powers!!
Bite them and rip them to pieces
Pull them apart
Burn them to ashes
Lure them to the water and drown them

How do you describe your appearance?

Hot as Hell!! :D
SEXY! ;)
Ok.. just enough to sparkle
Beautiful :)
Cute :) like a puppy

Finally, what happened to make your enter mythical creature appear?

My life was demolished. I needed to become someone new!
I felt alone and unwanted. I had to run away.
I saw my best friend murdered. I wanted revenge.
I was dying in a alley. I had to survive.
The love of my life left me for who I am. I wanted to be different.