What's Your Feeling?

What's Your Feeling?

Hey, this quiz is not accurately correct...but take it anyway plzzzz :) Mexican swag!

published on March 10, 201440 responses 21 5.0★ / 5

VROOM! Race ya to the VIP room?

Is you-know-who there? ;) ;)
Why race? Why not walk?
Sure....wait nevermind I don't feel so good!
Already ahead of ya -zooms there-

Seriously guys, don't you brush your teeth?

Not anymore...got a problem with it?
Oh yeah! With the song I love calling my name :)
Yup, every time I gottaaaa!!
Uh...do I? Yes I think so....

Technically, what would you call your dog?

How about the Love Whisperer!!??
Uh...that's my decision....
Um, Super Doggie Pooper!
Woman, I don't caree!

So how has your day been?

You really wanna know?
Just perfect as long as that wonderful person is by me....
It's been awkward...nervous energy :)
I had the time of my life!!!!

How are you feeling?

I'm Good! So Good! I'm Shakkking!
Ummmm....I dunno
Isn't that what the freaking quiz is for?