What's Your Feeling?

What's Your Feeling?

Hey, this quiz is not accurately correct...but take it anyway plzzzz :) Mexican swag!

published on March 10, 201466 responses 18 5.0★ / 5

Seriously guys, don't you brush your teeth?

Not anymore...got a problem with it?
Oh yeah! With the song I love calling my name :)
Yup, every time I gottaaaa!!
Uh...do I? Yes I think so....

VROOM! Race ya to the VIP room?

Is you-know-who there? ;) ;)
Why race? Why not walk?
Sure....wait nevermind I don't feel so good!
Already ahead of ya -zooms there-

So how has your day been?

You really wanna know?
Just perfect as long as that wonderful person is by me....
It's been awkward...nervous energy :)
I had the time of my life!!!!

How are you feeling?

I'm Good! So Good! I'm Shakkking!
Ummmm....I dunno
Isn't that what the freaking quiz is for?

Technically, what would you call your dog?

How about the Love Whisperer!!??
Uh...that's my decision....
Um, Super Doggie Pooper!
Woman, I don't caree!