what weapon will I use from adventure time

it would be about how what weapon would the quiz player will have in adventure time.

published on March 10, 20149 responses 1

what's your favourite instrument in the world Eva?

a viola it has to be a viola
I don't have one just my radical singin' voice
a cool bass guitar
an awesome drum set

what's your favourite colour?

yellow is my favourite it's radical!
it has to be baby blue, that's boy style!
red is awesome its a delicious colour.
mine has to be black and white cuz' its the colour of penguins

what's your favourite animal

I love unicorns they're awesome and sweet
mine has to be a lion
a fox is my favourite animal cuz' I love they're red fur
penguins cuz' they're cute and I love they're "wenk" noice.

what would you do if you were attacked by an evil animal like an angry bull?

I would just try to get it near me and trip it over.
I would run at it and jump on its head and knock It over cuz' I'm radical!
just try and tip it over. tip the pig! tip the pig!
I would freeze it in its track! HAHAHA!!!

What do you do when you have some spare time?

I go visit my girlfriend at her house.
I would train and get ready for an unexpected attack. you never know when you have a bad guy in the basement!
I play a chilled jam on my radical bass guitar.
I will make a diary video whilst I play guntopoly with my penguins.