What bakugan attribute brawler are you

Find out if you brawl with an aquos or ventus brawler. Then become the best Aquos or ventus brawler around.

published on September 20, 201190 responses 4
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Are you quick thinking

I think quick when the time is hard
I think when i have to.
i take my time and think a good tactic
I dont think at all i just do anything
I just look at what ive got.
I never lose so i dont have to think.

what do you do if you get trapped into battling.

I take the challenge and keep my cool.
I stop and get ready to battle.
I tell the guy to get out of the way and tackle him.
I say ill take you on a hundred times.
Run untill im out of sight.
blend in with the shadows and escape

what do you do if you lost a battle.

figure a way out to beat him from when i lose then challenge him again later
walk away silently
get angry and run away
challenge him again till i win
congratulate the winner like a true brawler
walk away death staring the winner

How do you battle

I think then make my move
I battle calmly
I think out a good move then go rage
I just keep making a move before my apponent
I blind the opponent with light and make a move
I blend in with the shadows

What is your faveroute element