are you a good dancer? (2)

are you a good dancer? (2)

take this test to find out! this test has a lot of dancer words! just to let you know!

published on March 10, 201423 responses 4 5.0★ / 5

can you do an arabesque?

yes! obviously!
its a type of jump so ya probably!
huh!? next question please!

can you do an Ariel?

I thought that was a princess
im learning but im close
been doing it forever!

why do you dance

because I can express my self and let everything go when I dance.
I only dance when I have to!
its fun and energetic!

how many dance types do you do?


how long have you been dancing?

like 2-4 years

where do you love to dance the most?

stage and dance studio
I don't really like to perform
anywhere is okay!