what kind of candy are you!

what kind of candy are you!

ever wonder what candy that you are. well now you can find out! who knows what you'll get!

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your friends say your....


what sport do you play

I dance its a creative free sport
volley ball
I don't play a sport
I play a lot of sports!
swimming is fun!

you get an A on a math test what do you do to celabrate

yay! celebrate with some sweet treats
hmmm! I guess I would just be excited
A is just an average no biggy!
woohoo! I wanna go play with friends to celebrate!
yippee! woohoo!....I don't know!

your fav colour is....

white, brown or red
I like all colours
red and green
white red and green

at school you are the...

the popular fun one!
the friendly one
the smart one
the athletic one
the sweet kind one