Which character are you? -Jade Buohler

Which character are you? -Jade Buohler

I am publishing a comic called The Wastelanders, you can check it out here: http://edajflow.deviantart.com Find out which character you are! BY: Jade Buohler ALL CHARACTERS COPYRIGHT OF JADE BUOHLER

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Your prey of choice would probably be:

I wouldn't be greedy, I would just take a bunny.
Pfft..I don't hunt animals, I hunt women. ;)
Moose, so that there is enough to share with my pack.
A mouse, or something small. I don't like hurting things.
Deer, to show my strength, but to not be greedy.

If you were a wolf, what color fur would you want?

Red and Black.
Tan and Black.
Dark Gray and Light Gray.
Red, tan, and black.
Tan and dark brown.

If your sibling was being laughed at (and not in a good way), what would you do?

Beat up the bullies. They mess with my brother/sister, they mess with me.
Give them a speech on kindness.
Pfft…I'd laugh along with them.
I'd protect my family and do anything I could until they payed for what they did.
I'd stand up for my sibling, and threaten them until they run home screaming mommy.

You are on a hunt with your friends and family and you are spotted by three 'Collared Dogs' (a brainwashed canine of the government, programmed to kill), would you:

Threaten it saying, "If you touch me or my friends, you WILL die."
Try to convince it you mean no harm, "I don't want to hurt you, you've done nothing wrong."
Try to scare it away, "Trust me, you do not wish to feel my wrath."
Turn a simple fight into a game, "Come and get me, freak!"
Protect your loved ones before yourself, "I will fight for those I love."

Which is worse?

Living a perfect life.
Being hated by others.
Having riches but no companions to share it with.
Being Loveless.
Being Lonely.

In a tragic position between you and someone whom is special to you, would you risk your life for that someone? If so who?

*Ahem..(hint, hint) for the future of the comic...

Yes, for the one I love.
Yes, just because it is the right thing to do.
Yes, because I owe it to that someone to be a leader.
Hell no! My life is too precious to be wasted.
Yes, for anyone in my family.

What do you like to do for fun?

Go on adventures! (Outdoorsy) :)
Relax and read a book.
Be independent and create!
Hang out with friends and/or family!

What's most important to you?


Your friends describe you as:

Witty and clever.
Sweet and Kind.
Proud and Helpful.
Cheeky and Menacing.
Patient and Caring.

You are on a first date with a wolf or she-wolf you like, you would:

Do something sentimental, like a paw print in the snow.
Talk about the wonders of the world.
Be honest about who you are and what you like.
Probably talk about all your 'previous' flings...
Talk about your love and devotion for the ones you care about.

What is one thing you could never live without?

Ladies. ;)
Leadership from others.