Can u be my twin?

Take this quiz to see if ur like me I'll say no or yes at the end of the quiz of course...WELL? ARENT U TAKING THE QUIZ???

published on September 24, 201173 responses 25 3.4★ / 5

What fruit would u like more?

Dried raisins

What would u like a a pet more?

Bird or kitten

Who do u like more?

Selena gomez
Justin bieber

Do u like singing

Yea I luv it
No it gives me a head ache

Do u like Harry potter?

No he sucks hahaha

Are u a girl? Cuz I'm a boy and u can't be my twin if ur a girl

I'm a girl
I'm a boy dude

Do u wear glasses? And I don't mean sun glasses

I see very good so I don't need glasses
I can't see a thing without glasses