Divergent aptitude test (2)

Divergent aptitude test (2)

Are you abnegation, dauntless, erudite, candor, or amity? You might even be divergent. Well you can find out by taking this aptitude test! Please answer truthfully.

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Which of these would you call a good meal?

A cheeseburger and some chocolate cake
Chicken and peas
Some black and white cookies
Fruits and vegatables
I like ALL foods

What kind of clothes best suit YOU?

Something noticeable that shows who I am.
Something a little more formal than most would wear.
Something that isn't too noticeable and covers most of my body.
Something that tells a story about myself.
Anything floral print.
I dunno, whatever is in the front of my closet.

How would your friends describe you?

Daring and adventurous
smart and logical
caring and selfless
honest and trustworthy
easy-going and joyful
That... um... SPECIAL child.

What would you find yourself doing on a Friday night?

Running around town with some friends causing whatever trouble I can!
Studying or reading a good book.
Helping out at a local shelter.
Playing truth or dare with some friends and always picking truth.
Playing on some kind of musical instrment
Hanging out with that one friend that can make you laugh so hard you almost pee yourself just
because they looked at you.

What do you think the world's biggest issue is?

The world has many issues. You might even say that I'm one of them.

What kind of people do you hang out with?

That group of kids always getting into trouble.
The smart kids that are in all advanced classes.
I'm actually kind of a loner.
Only the people i know I can trust.
I try to find the groups with the LEAST drama.
That one... um... SPECIAL group of weidos... No one really knows how to describe them.

Which faction do YOU think you belong in?

I think I'm DIVERGENT!!! Yeah baby!!!

Are you bored with this aptitude test yet?

No! I wanna see what faction I belong in!
A little, but I would like to know where I belong.
I don't think my opinion is all that necessary.
Honestly, a little.
Well, i didn't really want to say anything, but its pretty boring.
Maybe a little bit, but I REALLY think I'm divergent!

You're walking down the street and you see a small puppy that looks cold and downright miserable. It has scratches all over it's face and you can see pretty much it's whole skeleton. Its raining and you know the puppy won't last much longer in the cold rain. What do you do?

Not my problem.
I pick it up and take it to the closest shelter. Its the logical thing to do.
I pick it up and take it home to nurse it back to health. How could anyone be so soulless?
I would probably pick it up. I'm not that cruel.
I'm sure the next person that walks by will take it.
How could anyone do such a thing!

What is your opinion on divergence?

I don't think its fair that they get all the action.
The divergent messed up the whole faction system and they should all be destroyed.
I wish i could help hide the divergent. I don't want them all dead.
I honestly don't see the difference between divergent and regular people.
The divergent suck. If there were no divergent, the faction system would be peaceful and normal
and there would never be any war and everyone would be perfectly happy. Just saying.
I... um... I think I am one...

You see your good friend holding hands with your boyfriend/girlfriend. What do you do?

POUND THEM!!! How dare they steal my man/woman?
There must be another explanation. No need to just assume they are together.
Scold them for their selfishness! I thought that we were friends!
Be honest and tell them what I saw. If they are a good friend, they will tell me the truth on what
Just walk away and pretend that you saw nothing. No need to cause a fuss.
They are obviously not a good friend. I can't be friends with them anymore.

What is your dream job?

something outrageous

What is your LEAST favorite faction?

I like all/none of the factions

What is your favorite subject in school?

I don't really have one

What is your favorite color?

Red and/or yellow
I have a lot of favorite colors

How are you with a gun?

I'm great with guns! They're really fun to fire!
I KNOW how to fire one, that doesn't necessarily mean I'm good at it.
I don't like guns. I would never use one.
Honestly, I've never really thought about firing a gun.
Guns are too dangerous.
I'm okay. I don't really like using guns, but when I do, I guess I'm pretty good.