what are you really like?

this quiz is to show you real self and say it without saying out load and have much fun :P

published on March 09, 201427 responses 3 4.5★ / 5

do you like me???

sure ' :* kisses hugs please
yeah i guess 'sigh'
if you would want to be my friend :)
sure what ever tell rain hugs and kisses from his/her baby
ok bye / running away
yep!!! making a really ugly face or something funny

do you pick your nose?

no i dont like germs sorry///
eww why would you ask i dont idiot
i mite :D ok yes yes i do XD
what ever populer say
well no
YES i do :D XD

are you cute?

yes / sometimes
idiot ya!! are you stupid look with your eyes im an angle
ya i guess if you you think
dont know human
yes , yes i am loser
well im me so no im not cute
im a fish and a duck

next time should i add somethings funny or no

dont care
dont know
i like it either way
yes like really yes alot more funny please

who do you think you are?

who do you think you are?
dont care
dont know
try to be populer
well im a person
weird and im the class clown

do you like any of theese cartoons?

amazing world of gumball
what ever
i like all
i love spoungbob sqaurepants
monster high
ok i like nerd shows
i like dora

what grade score do you get?

what grade score do you get?
a's all the time
i dont give poop about it bye
dont care
dont know
what ever populers get, hahaha
i never pay attention
i dont care i like under were haha

do you like it?

maybe more quit next time
i love it
it could be better
does it madder what i think
yep i loved it