Will you be famous?

Are you the next Beyonce? Or the Michael Jackson profit? Movie star, acting or just plain famous for nothing!

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You looveee:

Posing♥ mwah x
Up for anything!‼‼‼‼

If you became famous, what would you want to be famous for?

Being hawt
Helping Others
Winning an Oscar
Discovering the world
Re inventing dance!
Being the world most talented being alive!
Saving lives!

People describe you as♥:

Hot as!!!
Always Singing
Being a drama queen!
Always Dancing!
Clever, confident, kind

You 'd rather __ , than not be able too!

Be yourself
Be Beautiful
Dance for a living
Make others laugh
Explore in style,
Have eternal life.

If you could have 1 wish what would it be?

To win the Olympics!
To be on a TV show whenever I want!
To make others find me hilarious!
Everyone I walked past would want to marry
To win the Xfactor!
To win every Oscar
To win every competition I ever entered!

Last and final question! Which would you rather be?!

Like Kate Moss or Cara delevigne!
The funniest, most popular person alive!
The new Jeremy kyle! Aha!!
Beyonce, or Michael Jackson!
Like the perfect black swan!
Like brad and Angeline Jolie!