are you attractive? (1)

Physically? Mentally? The quiz that will challenge the way you think, and treat others ♣

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Be honest. Does what is inside count?

We all know when choosing a , well, partner,
personality's not a first...
It does, sure. But let's be honest. What's
outside counts too!!!
No, ugly inside, ugly out. Who cares what you look like!
Of course! World before girl. No one cares bout opinions✴

Finish it off however you choose according to your personal favourite ending!: save water and...

Drink champagne!
Keep the bills low!
Feed the poor!
Fk the haters!

Do the same here: live a little....

Do a lot
FCK allot!!
Try a little
Love a lot

And again here! : I love to

Be myself
Hug others
Hump allot
ERM, like none of the above!!

Which do you think you are

Attractive! DUH
Un attractive

I love:

Not food!

How do you feel right now?


Which sounds worst?

Being eaten alive for 24 hours, slowly dying, by killer hippo bites?
Never being able to blink until your eyes dry up and shrivel away and shrink into the ground.
Locked in a room for 196 hours with nothing but a endless recording of a woman screaming.
Being made to watch vines until you commit suicide.

Finish sentence! I like:

Chocolate! We love chocolate
Tomatoes! I love tomatoes
Nothing! Yas can all get stuffed!
Poo. When's this quiz finished?!!!!

Last question! Someone accidentally trips you up! 100% accidentally! You:

Trip em up back ! Eye for an eye!
Force them to apologise!
Apologise to each other and get on with your day!
Laugh it off!