Merlin Character Quiz

Merlin Character Quiz

Answer these questions and the quiz will calculate which character from Merlin you would be!

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Your best friend has been kidnapped! What do you do?

Go solo. Start looking for them at once!
Find clues as to who took them, and act once you have information.
Pfffft, nothing! I was probably the one that set this whole thing up anyway!
You try to find someone to help you.
Gather a search party to find them.

You're concerned that your friend is in a dark place. You:

Give them a potion to cure any malady.
Try to talk to them about it.
Be extra funny towards them to try to cheer them up.'re a little busy right now to worry about others problems.
Ask people close to that person what could be wrong.

Two of your friends are in a fight!! What do you do?

Call together an intervention and mediate a meeting between them.
Plan a setup where they bump into each other. Maybe they'll work it out if they talk!
Counsel each of them separately. You have lots of good advice!
Force them to be nice to each other until things are better.
Let them fight! The drama is entertaining.

There is not enough food at a banquet for everyone! You:

Make sure your friend gets it-- after all, he has an important match tomorrow!
Refuse to eat it and let everyone else take it.
Eat it all! After all, you found it first!
Offer it to others! After all, you're not that hungry anyway!
Divide it up between everyone. The more the merrier!

A friend's parent has died. You:

Console them and offer them a shoulder to cry on.
Apologize for their lose and try to move on. Hopefully they'll forget and feel better!
Talk to them about how they feel.
Let them know everything will be better soon.
Do nothing. This doesn't concern you.