whats your mood?

do you want to what your mood is, then youve come to the right place! you will learn your mood in this quiz and its amazing because it works!

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How was school today?

it was GREAT!
who knows who cares
i dont know, i slept through class
im not in school, i got expelled/suspended

What did you do when you got home?

screamed because my crush talked to me and said he liked me
danced around the house
said hi to my mom and hugged her
went straight for the computer
got mad because my friend got this cool new thing and i dont have it

Are you stressed?

not at all!
a little
my life is stress

Whats your hobby?


What are you thinking about?

my crush
getting something to eat, bacause im STARVING
happy things
funny jokes

What have you recently done?

gotten in a HUGE fight
hungout wuth smoeone
eaten a whole bag of patato chips
cut yourself
gotten yelled at
told smoeone how you felt about them
took a nap
none of these things

If you could do anything right now, what would it be?

kiss my crush
pucnch someone
take a nap
take that new cool thing my friend has
nothing, im to stressed

U see a little girl in the street (age 5) what do you do?

take her to a store and call her mom to pick her up
u know her sister and u call her to come get her
ask her if she has a hot sister/brother and she says yes, then you pick her up and run to her house
walk away
who cares