Are You SMART? (1)

see if your smart, cool or drool,A's or F's,class or crash, ditch or snitch,etc find out here with all your smart needs.;)

published on September 18, 201154 responses 21
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what is does pi mean?

3.41 you know it has a decimal
PIE (man im hungry)

What are you learning in Social Studies?

Easy Roman empire, Did you know we still use aqueducts from them today?
i think i have that second period...Shiny swords....OOOOH a crown
something a bout the fall of the rome empire

What are your grades like?

all a plusses and a 4.3 gpa
B's and C's .....its not an F
Mine r grate F's what happens 2 the E??

Do you where glasses?

YES i can see fine but i like them they build self esteem
no even though i can't see

what do you do after school?

homework. then when I'm done calculus and of to bed at 5 30
watch tv.. i mean hang with my peeps
PARRRTTYY!!! whoo hoo I think mr teacher told us that for home work cus I'm at home and working it

Whats up?

The SKY-duh
trying to stop my mom from dressing me in the morning. (oops did i just say that)

whats your favorite subject hall
i don't like school at all
lunch...thats a subject...FOOD!!