What is your future job?!

Have you ever wondered what job you should do when you grow up? I have! So find out your dream job here!

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How are your feelings toward school?

Boring. I absolutely hate it I would not go if I did not have to go to school that is for sure!
Ah, it is okay I suppose.
I am in love with it I focus on studies and that's it!
I wouldn't go if my friends weren't there. I am more of the talking type and I hang with friends!
I love school because my teachers are fantastic!

Do you love to be center of attention?

Well see I am shy so not really.
I guess it depends what the topic is.

Do you know a lot about education like are you fairly intelligent?

I am WAY beyond smart! I know a lot about each subject!
I am smart in some areas like 3 or 4 not all of them.
I am dumber then a sack of rocks on a summer day but I can do my own hidden talent.

What is your favorite out of the following?

The body of a human and the parts.
All school subjects.
Landforms/ volcanos, earthquakes, ect.

what do you do on your free time?

Hum or sing.
Watch the history channel.
Eat. Drink. Sleep. Go to school.
Dance and hop around my house.
write a song of my own.
Read a textbook.
Disect an insect or my sisters doll.
Play school. I am the teacher.

which of the following is your favorite class?

Social studies.
computer applications

Which of the foods is your favorite food?

Pizza. I admire its triangular shape.
An apple.
anything anytime
anything healthy.

Do you like getting active?

anytime at all!
Definitely not!
Only if it is doing something productive.
sometimes. if it is educational.
if it means going to the lab and digging deep to something new.

Do you like dissecting things?

um no
Heck to the no you are nasty.
Yes if it is a computer or something.
Yes I love dissecting worms yay
If it is to save a life then I am all for it.

Do you like to do hard work?