What Color Can You See? (1)

What Color Can You See? (1)

In The Giver, Jonas can see the color red. Find out what color you can see!

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Are you good at keeping secrets?

Define secret.
Depends on what the secret is.

Do you see yourself as a wallflower? Or do you command the attention of the room?

Center of attention, all the way.
Wallflower, for sure.
Wallflower, I guess?
I avoid rooms. With people.

In a group project, who are you?

The leader.
The one who complains about how much I hate group projects.
I hold onto my ideas and do whatever we agree upon because I'm a team player, but I'm willing to step with those ideas if
the plan doesn't work out.
I just do whatever's agreed upon by the group.

What's your bedtime?

I have no clue.

Pick a motto.

Everything happens for a reason.
Life sucks. Then you die.
Treat others the way you want to be treated.

Film genre?