Wich Russo are you?

Wich Russo are you?

One of Disney's greatest shows ever is Wizards of Waverly Place. The story about the Russos a magical family of wizards. Wich Russo are you most like?

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Who is your favorite character from WWP who is not a Russo?

Professed Crumbs. He's well... Professed
Teresa's mom. She's pretty funny
Juliet. She's so pretty and smart
Mason. He is the BEST!
Zeke. He's kinda hot in a nerdy way.
Uncle Cowbel. I mean who doesn't like him?

What is your favorite way to spend the weekends?

Watching tv with a bowl of chips
Please. Like I even have time for a weekend.
Studying or doing homework
Marking crafts
I don't know. I'll find something to do.

If you had powers what would you use them for?

Never have to get up again. Wave my wand nd food appears!
To do my chores
To me get a good grade on a test
To get away with sneaking around
To make everyone happy
To take over the world! MWAHAHAHA! I'm hungry.

What is your idea of the perfect girl/boy?

Hot and a good cook
Sensitive kind and helpful
Smart. Smart. Smart.
Cute funny and artistic
Funny and killing to put up with me

What do you think is the greatest WWP moment?

When Jerry tells the kids about giving up his powers to marry Teresa.
When Teresa's realized that Max Alex and Justin were really her kids
When Justin found Juliet
When Alex kissed Mason for the first time
When Harper found out about magic
When Max got real girlfriend

What is the funniest moment of WWP?

When Jerry had powers in the movie
When Teresa got to be Alex for the day
When Justin turned invisible
When Alex poked the lepercon with a stick
When Harper was crushing on Justin
When Max was the ghost of mustaches passed.

What is your favorite color


Do you remember Dragon?

He was that dog that they found right?
Oh yeah! Haha
What happened to him?

What is your dream job?

Opening my own business
Being a parent
Scientists teacher or doctor
Fashion designer


Haha that's cute
This is very random
You can't tell me what to do!