what harry potter chacter are you?!

pretty much in the title i guess but oyeah its also girls only! there is hermione ginny luna cho and pansy.

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what kinda blood do you have

pureblood and proud
half blood (yeah im just cool like that)
pureblood but doesnt care
umm why would it concern you?! me: somebody hiding a secret!
sorry i am muggleborn. :-( me: oh, dont be sorry dear i am to!

where is your favourite place

the libarary
anywhere with my friends
um in my room
in a forest any forest really and i am useally alone
oh well with my nose in my diary i am in my favourite place

what are your favourite colours?

red and gold!
green and yellow.
hot pink and neon orange! me: twinsies!!
blue an gray. me: well thats dull. oh no offense me love! (yes i meant to say me not my!!!)
green and sliver! also some black here and there! me: well you could be the slytherin queen!

how many friends do you have

tons and tons like almost everybody
not much i like to keep to myself
a few i guess
oh like four or five
a tight group of 3

what is your personality?!

outgoing and brave
smart and shy
smart and brave
imagenative and smart
mean and cruel