Are you a real Directioner?

Are you a real Directioner?

Some people think that they are real Directioners because they know everything about them. Well I've got news for you! A real Directioner isn't a stalker! So who are you?

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The blond one
He's Irish
I LOVE him he's my fav!
He's the youngest right?


Oh yeah I like him
Daddy Directioner
I LOVE him he's my fav!!
He's the Irish one

Which fact a bout one direction is true?

Louis favorite food is tacos
Harry worked at a bakery
Harry once said that he would rather kiss Zain than Selena Gomez. I agree...
They have been best friends since school

Would you marry a member of One Direction?

I would date one
I would be best friends with one
Probably not

Name a One Direction song

What Makes You Beatiful
Little things
They Don't Know About Us...Kiss You...One thing...
Trick question. None of theese

Dose your best friend like One Direction?

Their kinda indifferent
I don't see how that matters
Hates them with a burning passion

How many One Direction objects are in your room?

A poster or two
I have few posters and some quotes from their songs hanging up
Are you kidding me? One Direction is the theme of my room!

Have you ever met One Direction?

No but I really want to!! Or once
Yes!! More than once!!!!
No I've never even been to a concert


Oh he's cute
He's the funniest
I LOVE him he's my FAV!
Who is he?

Can you sing every song by heart?

I can sing Best Song Ever and Story of My Life
I know most of the words to most songs but not all of them
Yes!! I have memorized all the albums!
Not really


He's got he best hair
He's he second youngest
I LOVE him he's my fav
Lol he's like the only one I know


Wasn't he blond once?
He's dating Perrie Edwards
I LOVE him he's my fav!!
The one who likes to skate board