Are you a real Directioner?

Are you a real Directioner?

Some people think that they are real Directioners because they know everything about them. Well I've got news for you! A real Directioner isn't a stalker! So who are you?

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Oh yeah I like him
Daddy Directioner
I LOVE him he's my fav!!
He's the Irish one

Can you sing every song by heart?

I can sing Best Song Ever and Story of My Life
I know most of the words to most songs but not all of them
Yes!! I have memorized all the albums!
Not really

Have you ever met One Direction?

No but I really want to!! Or once
Yes!! More than once!!!!
No I've never even been to a concert


Wasn't he blond once?
He's dating Perrie Edwards
I LOVE him he's my fav!!
The one who likes to skate board

Which fact a bout one direction is true?

Louis favorite food is tacos
Harry worked at a bakery
Harry once said that he would rather kiss Zain than Selena Gomez. I agree...
They have been best friends since school


The blond one
He's Irish
I LOVE him he's my fav!
He's the youngest right?

Name a One Direction song

What Makes You Beatiful
Little things
They Don't Know About Us...Kiss You...One thing...
Trick question. None of theese


Oh he's cute
He's the funniest
I LOVE him he's my FAV!
Who is he?

Dose your best friend like One Direction?

Their kinda indifferent
I don't see how that matters
Hates them with a burning passion

Would you marry a member of One Direction?

I would date one
I would be best friends with one
Probably not


He's got he best hair
He's he second youngest
I LOVE him he's my fav
Lol he's like the only one I know

How many One Direction objects are in your room?

A poster or two
I have few posters and some quotes from their songs hanging up
Are you kidding me? One Direction is the theme of my room!