Running from trouble part 19

Running from trouble part 19

I'm working on this very late. -_-. Sorry I'm just annoyed with someone.

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You woke up and saw you were still in the house. Everyone was passed out but you didn't see Shadow or Alexis. "What happened?" You asked. You listened and heard music. You heard Alexis singing It's all coming back to me now by Celine Dion. "There were nights when the wind was so cold, that my body frozen in the bed if I just listened to it right outside my window." You snuck up to see what was going on.

*goes in spy mode*.
A4 doesn't know how to have fun. (Alexis: I know.)
I'm confused.
Yay were spies! (A1: Might want to whisper that.) *whispers*. Sorry.

You saw Alexis holding a picture with her as a baby, a red male hedgehog, and a female bat. "If you hold me like that I just have to admit that it's all coming back to me. If I hold you like that it's so hard to believe that it's all coming back to me now," Alexis sang as you saw Shadow standing next to her.

*still in spy mode*.
>:( I'm going to get you.
You okay?
Are those your parents? (Alexis: *nods*. :( *starts crying*.)
*hugs Alexis*. (Alexis: *Still crying*.)

Alexis sat on her bed and started crying. Shadow stared her in the eyes and lifted her chin. She smiled at him and he saw you. He stopped the act as you came in. "Alexis?" Alexis smiled weakly even though you saw tears filled her eyes. Shadow walked out of the room as Aislin and Sapphire pushed past him. "Your both alive," Aislin and Sapphire replied hugging you. Aislin and Sapphire soon noticed Alexis was crying and sat down next to her.

Hello Aislin.
Hi Sapphire.
Poor girl.
Need music to cheer you up? (Alexis: :(.)
I hate seeing people sad.

Tails came into my room. "Alexis, Aislin, Sapphire I need you three for separate missions," Tails said out of breath. "What?" Aislin asked annoyed. "I have news that there are three chaos emeralds in different locations. But," Tails voice trailed off. "What is it?" Sapphire asked. "Their couples only." Tails said looking away. All three girls stood with wide eyes.

*runs away*. (Alexis&Sapphire: *catch you*.) Dang it. :(
I hope no one chooses Tails.
Shadow. >:(
:( No Manic.
Why does this have to happen when I'm here? (Alexis: Cause I'm the QM.)

"Can't we just go through the ducts?" Alexis asked. You stared at them. "Where do we need to go?" Aislin asked. "One is a ski lodge, another is a festival in Robotropolis, and the last is a prize for a grand Prix." "I call the ski lodge," Alexis said raising her hand. Sapphire chose the grand Prix and Aislin got the festival....later I gotta go. ;)

Yay a race. See ya
bye. :)