What type of media are you?

What type of media are you?

Are you a subtle book, or an adventurous movie. Or maybe something else. Find out!

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What one do you want to be?

Books are awesome.
I love watching T.V.
I really want to be the internet.
Magazines all the way!

What is the square root of peanut butter, divided by division? (dosent effect your score.)

5 green computers
the raindrops of tape punchers.
Hat man with his shoe pie on.
Gatorade blankets and the 76 letter of the alphabet.
7+sarah=my dads cheese sandwich.

If someone is being bullied in the halls, what would you do?

Trick the bully to make them look like a fool.
... I am a bully.
not my problem, i dont want to be in his spot. *walks away*

What is your favorite color?

Strong colors, like red, dark red, blue, black.
Soft colors like sky blue, yellow, pink, gray.
Colors that stick out like white, orange, dark purple, green.
All of them.

Which fits you best?

Happy, Adventurus, and Clever.
Michevious, Popular, Mean.
Smart, Funny, and Untrustworthy.
Out of the ordinary, Awesome, and Hot tempered.