Am I hot or not?

Am I hot or not?

This quiz will tell you if you are really hot or not. Please, please girls only!

published on September 17, 2011134 responses 19 2.4★ / 5

Do people tell you, you are pretty?

Yeah guys are always coming over telling me I'm hot
Well Adults are always coming over 2 me and telling me I'm cute

Do you think your pretty?

I don't know thats why I'm taking this test!

Have you ever had a good looking boyfriend?
Has 2 be a good looking guy.

I have had so much good looking boyfriends I can't count
1 or 2
Never even had a boyfriend
I have had a ok looking boyfriend

How much times do you look in a mirrow a day?

once or twice a day not much
every half an hour
like 5 times a day
Like every 10 mins (LOL!)

Why are you taking this test?

Because I don't like how I look
Nothing to do

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