Will Mephiles date you?

Will Mephiles date you?

SIlestra7: Are you and Mephiles a perfect couple? Find out now by taking this quiz!

published on March 01, 201450 responses 23 4.4★ / 5

First of all, what do you think of Mephiles?

He's pretty cool.
I like him.
*shrug* I don't know.
I think he would be...not so good.
Seriously? Why are you asking me this when everyone knows that I don't like him!

SAY, you are at your house and you see Mephiles in the front yard, getting beat up by Shadow, what do you do?

I grab a machine and blast Shadow to bits!
I'll fight off Shadow, and help Mephiles up.
I'll try to fight Shadow, but if he draws his gun out, I will run back inside!
I would go get a gun and give it to Shadow.
I will just watch Shadow beat up Mephiles, I have a crush on Shadow you know.

Defy Mephiles LOGIC! You are in an alley way, then you see Mephiles come out of nowhere and kiss you, what's your reaction?

Smile, and kiss him back.
Blush, and hug him.
Blush Intensively, and hide.
Push him away.
Beat him up!

What personality describes you the best?

Evil, befriends villains. >:)
Mean, has no one who hangs around her
Shy, but will defend herself and help others the best she can.
Good, but will defend herself.
Nice, Follows the rules, doesn't like villains.

Thanks for taking this! What did you think of the quisz?(Misspelling so that that one thing doesn't bother me.)* Mephiles comes in to the room* Me: Mephi, what are you doing here? Mephiles: I have heard that this girl was taking a quisz. Me: We're on the last question. Mephiles: What was the quisz about? Me: *whispers into his ear* Mephiles: okay.

It was fantastic! (Mephiles: I think she likes me. *blushes slightly*)
It was good. (Mephiles: She's pretty good.)
I don't know what to say. (Mephiles: No comment? Seriously? ):| )
I didn't really like it. (Mephiles: ):( You are like a good guy.)
I hated this quiz! (Mephiles: You are like Sonic and the others! Me: Don't do it, Mephiles.)