What word best fits you?

Answer the questions as closely as they describe you. If the words dont fit you, its okay!

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Your favorite color is....

Obviously something bright
Pink or Purple
magenta, turqorize, aqua, or lime green.

Your favorite hobby is....

Going to school and seeing my friends!
Helping others
Playing outside or inside, but you have to be running or playing sports!
Umm...I think I would like to be with my friends....but I love..umm..wait what was the question again?
Theatre class! Getting my absolute favorite part in the play would be amazing!

Favorite animal...

an animal that moves fast or slow
Water animals
Any animal adorble

You like cooking or baking better

Baking....I like to measure cups,ts,tbs..exc...
Whats the difference... just kidding...I like baking!
I dont like to be judgemental..so im not picking
As long as I'm doing it...I love it!

The most important things in the world to me are...

Teammates and Family
Family and Friends
Education and family and friends
Family, friends, education, and dreams
Family, friends, education, teammates, dreams...should I go on?