Wich Pretty Little Liar are you?

The show pretty little liars is about four friends who are being blackmailed by A. At the same time as they are trying to keep their own secrets they have to solve the mystery of their former leader Ali`s death. Who are you most like?

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Ha! Don't need it
My favorite class is English
Ew!! Do I have to?
I love school!

What dose your family mean to you?

I love my family but they can be to strict and
Everything. I love my family I'm always the
one to break up fights.
I love my parents but I'm not sure their always very supportive of me
My family is not very close at all
I fight with my family all the time. We have complicated relationships

Where do you see yourself in the future?

Famous. Rich. Everyone will know my name
I want to write! Novels articles poems songs everything!!
I'm not really sure
I moving as far away from home as possible.
College. Grad school. Good job

If you were falsely accused of murder what would you do?

Fake cry my way out of it
Ask my friends for help
Why would I even be a suspect of murder?
Bribe my way out
Find the evidence that I'm innocent

What are you most likely doing on the weekends?

Date night
Hanging out with my friends
two words SHOP and SHOP
Studying or doing homework

What do you think is your best quality?

I'm very sociable
I don't care what people think about me
I try to be kind to everyone
I'm pretty duh!
I'm smart and a hard worker

Who do you hang out with?

Anyone that can get me into a good party or who has the best gossip
People who are willing to accept me for me
Only my close friends
It's more like who I don't hang out with
My classmates teammates and fellow club members

Who do you trust with your secrets?

Only myself
My best friends
I trust different people with different things
My mom
It seems like everyone knows my secrets before I do

What's your weirdest quirk?

Don't have one
I' obsessed with reading
I like being alone sometimes
I'm easily distracted. Pretty lights...
My hero is a historical figure

In your group of friends who are you?

The leader
The one that gives advice
The quiet one n the background
The trend setter
The smart one

What is Your style?

Flowy shirts layers pink
Comfortable clothes
Designer clothes and lots of shoes
Mature clothes

What are our favorite types of movies books plays etc.

Historical fiction