Perfect Match(boys only)

Perfect Match(boys only)

I made the one for girls, now here comes the one for boys! These personalities are completely made up. It's multiple choice so you can either choose who you want or who best fits your personality. ENJOY!!!

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Which of these names do you like the best?


Would they ever lie to you?

All the time, but just as a joke, I hope...
Yes, most of the things they do is none of my business. They're a little secretive.
They'd try not to.
Yes, but only to lure me into some type of prank.
Only to protect me.
They'd better not EVER lie to me!!

Is she insecure?

No, she's more concerned about living life to the fullest then the newest fashion statement.
The cuts on her arm doesn't help, but other than that, no.
Only when her beauty is threatened by another.
She only cares about what I think of her.
I don't know, she shouldn't be. I like people with confidence, that's a big must for me.

What does she usually wear?

Anything bright or exciting that will help her stand out.
Dark clothes, mostly black.
Casual clothes.
The newest clothes to remind everyone she's the coolest.
She doesn't really care.
Regular clothes, what does this have to do with the test?

During a zombie invasion, what would she do for you?

Try to keep you spirits up high.
Isolate herself from you.
Try to keep you both calm.
Try to mostly save herself.
Try her best to protect you.
I would try to be with my family, not some girlfriend who's probably just a fling.

What are her special gifts?

She tries her best at everything.
She's sort of shy, so she won't immediately jump out at everything.
Loving passionately, if you know what I mean.
Remember, these people do not exist, so please don't ask me these types of questions.

Where would you rather be out of all these places?

Somewhere fun and exciting!
Somewhere where we can both be alone.
Somewhere calm and peaceful.
With her.
Somewhere where we could just hang out and be together.
I think somewhere by myself, with NOBODY around.