what kind of guy/girl do you find attractive?

what kind of guy/girl do you find attractive?

find out for real what kind of a girl or guy you are attracted too. This is the real deal not asking for followers!

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do you want a boy that is....

a dangerous risk taker
caring sweet and kind
funny and adorable
he sweeps you off your feet

whats your favorite color

matte black

what would you do on an ideal date?

A walk on the beach, then a romantic picnic by the sunset.
bowling on a friday night then dinner at a burger place
at a romantic movie where you too can snuggle up and hold each other close.
a crazy ride going fast on his motorcycle. going to a club at 1 am
mini golf and the arcade and finish off with a ice cream cone and a action movie at your house
a night watching Texas chainsaw massacre

your ideal movie with him

a cute Disney movie
a romantic comedy
a horror movie
a romantic movie
a mytery movie
action movie

do you enjoy jokes?

Yes! i want someone who i can mess around with!
There okay but i would rather snuggle
Uh no jokes are stupid.

do you enjoy watching scary movies?

If i can be safe with my man. then i guess so.
ya so i can mess around with my bf if he gets jumpy
Heck ya i love to watch people die

do you enjoy being romantic.

eww no i wanna do something rebellious
ya but i would rather joke around
heck ya i love love!