What Chicken Wing are you

What Chicken Wing are you

Spicy, honey, or barbecue Totally just a random quiz, this is the second quiz I've made so don't expect it to be wonderful.

published on February 28, 201413 responses 4 3.5★ / 5

Someone is being beat up in the halls at school, what do you do?

Go find help.
Its not my problem.
Punch the bully in the face.
Join in and bully the kid.
I don't want to be beat up to. *walk away*

Which wing is your favorite?


Who is your favorite character from "The Avengers".

Someone who only fights if they have to, like Captain America or Hawkeye or Agents of Shield.
Someone who's not afraid to show their stuff, like Iron Man or Black Widow or Hulk.
Someone powerful, like Thor or Loki or Nick Fury
Well, I like Captain America, but I don't like how he got his powers.
Someone awesome, like Captain America or Nick Fury or Hulk.
Im not sure.

Are you strong.

No, I eat to many wings. (BUD DUM CHSSSH!!)
Yes, I work out a lot.
Im just normal.
No, but I'm not fat either.

Favorite pet.

Pets are annoying
Something small and fluffy.
Cats are evil!!!

Are you awesome.

Almost too much.
Who isn't.
No, no I'm not.
Idk, i guess.

Do you like Wings? (dosent effect your score)

Heck Ya!
Kind of, well, ya. I guess.
What are those?

Which wing do you WANT to be?

Spicy all the way
ya! Honey!

Which one do you THINK you are?

probably spicy.
Honey, pretty sure of it.

LAST Q!!!! Was this fun?

I wish it was over with.
Too long
Too short.
I just hope I'm what I want to be.
Kind of.
… *silence*