What book character you'd be

What book character you'd be

WARNING: You may not know the book character. You can be : Why would I try to tell you ?! HUH?!Yet Another WARNING contains SPOILERS! I'm gonna say it again IT CONTAINS SPOILERS!

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Would you rather...

command werewolves
Be a wizard
not listen
Do sick jokes
hang with friends

If you saw a baby falling through the air would you...

laugh then try to catch it
Try to catch it
look for someone else
not notice

In a party would you...

kiss a girl you like
feel awkward with a bro
try to dress up
try to find someone younger than you
try to get a date by acting cool even if you're not(no offense because your cool if your taking this test)

Would you eat...

cereal with no pants on (yeah you know you want to choose this one)
nothing, I'm used to it
I'm rich! it doesn't matter!
Fruits and vegetables

Would you wear...

yet again, no pants
a cloak
a dress
a shirt and pants(yes there's underwear, sorry guys)

At school would you...

I don't go to school
be a drama queen
get a girl friend(but sadly don't:( )
laugh at others

Would you watch...

/play video games
Aren't allowed to watch anything

You Likey?

It's interesting
I'm a werewolf!!!!Raaar!