Your perfect match(GIRLS ONLY)

Your perfect match(GIRLS ONLY)

These are fake guys. They fit your personality or your wants and needs. These guys are completely made up, enjoy the quiz! Wow, haven't made one of these in a minute.

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You want to skip class for a day, what does your perfect guy say?

He says he wants to do it, but for the whole week!
He doesn't care.
He doesn't want to risk getting in trouble, or worse, you getting in trouble.
He'll do it, but if you get in trouble, he'll take the blame for it!
If you get caught, he's gonna let you take the blame for it, sorry.
He'll do it and you'll take the blame for it together.
Why would I want to skip class and risk the trouble? And if I ever did it, why would I bring someone along and worry my butt off about keeping them out of trouble?

What would he want to do for your birthday if it were up to him?

Go out and do anything fun!
Stay in my room all day and trade secrets while listening to music. He's deep like that.
We'd got to a low profile place, like the movies, or the mall.
He wouldn't care what we did, as long as I was happy.
We would go somewhere that would mostly be about him. That boy could turn it into HIS birthday instead of mine. LOL
We'd go somewhere memorable, where we could both have a good laugh.
If I ever do have a boyfriend? Why in God's name would I leave it up to him on what I would do for MY birthday?

What is your favorite color?

Anything bright and exciting!
Dark colors.
Calm colors.
I don't really have one. Maybe dark red or something like that.
Silly colors.
What does this have to do with the test?

Your first kissing place would be...

Somewhere exciting, like at the county fair!
In his room, though we'd only kiss...
Somewhere private. He's a little uncomfortable kissing in public.
As long as you're happy, he'd kiss you anywhere.
Anywhere he wants.
He'd be okay to kiss you somewhere where you'd smile no matter what, where laughs are all over the place.
I really don't know, nor do I care.

What do you think of his friends?

Adventurous! Exciting! Full of energy!
Kind of dark and a little creepy. But I like that.
A little boring and cautious. But that's okay with me.
He doesn't bother to make friends, he believes I'm the only friend he'll ever need.
Hold on, let me count the number of friends he has. Yep, just what I thought. He has too many.
Funny, really nice. They know how to make me laugh.
What does his friends have to do with OUR relationship might I ask? Am I dating them too?

How'd you meet?

He had so much fun that night, I can barely remember!
This creepy place I don't want to talk about.
Somewhere calm and peaceful.
He was a little rude at first, though warmed up to me quickly.
He just walked past me and I was entranced!
We had so many laughs that night.
I don't know! These guys aren't supposed to be real!

What is the type of music you guys listen to?

All kinds bruh, all kinds.
Hard rock.
He likes whatever type of music I like, though he's not that into music.
Any music that compliments him, because it's all about him. *sigh*
Funny, cheerful and upbeat music that cheers up his and my mood.
Music has nothing to do with the special relationship we have.

Is he good with kids?

Of course he is! He always knows how to keep them entertained!
Not really, he just stays quiet and flinches away from them.
He loves them, he knows exactly how to calm them down when they have tantrums or meltdowns.
He loves them as long as they make me happy.
He doesn't like them very much.
He knows how to make them laugh and keep them smiling, just as he does me.
I don't know.

Which of these names sound the most pleasant to YOU?

None of those names actually.