What Fruit are You? (6)

What Fruit are You? (6)

This quiz is just like my other ones, except for about fruit! I hope you enjoy it!!

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What's your favourite colour?


How long does it usually take you to have breakfast?

3-5 mins!
5-7 mins!
20-25 mins!
22-27 mins!
10-15 mins!
15-20 mins!

What time do you wake up in the morning? (On school days)

6:00 am!
6:30 am!
6:45 am!
7:00 am!
7:30 am!
8:00 am!

What is the first thing you do after you get home from school?

Homework, obviously...
Put away my lunch...
Go to the bathroom
text people and eat junk food
watch tv for half an hour
Sit on the couch thinking what to do

How would people describe you?

Kind and awesome!
kind and a little bossy at times
kind of mean....
mean but doesn't see it
pretty and kind
funny and sometimes bossy