Favorite Food Quiz

Find out what food you would be through this intensive and self-finding and inrtospective. just kidding its a freaking personality quiz about food.

published on February 27, 201416 responses 6 2.0★ / 5

My favorite out fit is

a tshirt
a skirt made of pure sunshine
anything neon. i love to blind people
clothes that rule the world. literally. #bringingbackthehitlerstache

Finish the sentence: I walk into the club like whatup..

wheres the pizza?
HEEY BRO I love ya man hey OMG wanna split a banana
I wanna go home. -___-
OMG you look wonderful. your like a rainbow in a field of daisys after a like shower of happiness
I will kick your butt in a dance contest... DIE TURKEY DIE

In your spare time you like to,

climb trees and stuff #yoloswag
hug kittens and puppies
i like to eat food.
nothing. i hate life.
I love to hang out with friends. #letsrobabank

I Like to read...

neon signs
thank you cards. i like making them too
Presidental speeches

If you could live anywhere in the world you would live in

jamaica!!!! or anywhere tropical
a box.
ANYWHERE that i could dominate anyone of or anything
an asylum #lovemesomecrazypeople