What (new) Disney Princess are you?

All the Disney Princesses have different personalities and stories. All of them come with good messages. So who are you most like?

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Who is your hero?

My older sibling
My mom
An artist
My friend

How do you handle change

If it's a bad change I will try my best to stop it
Not very well. I'm happy with the way things are now
I like it. Fresh starts are good for me
I'm indifferent about it

How do you feel about romance?

I love love! I can't wait to meet my soul mate!
I don't really want to date right now just be me
In a relationship right now
I don't want to think about that right now. At least not until I have a good job.

Would you rather...

Marry someone you only met once
Hurt a family member
Disobey someone who trust you
Work two jobs everyday

If you were someone else how would you complement yourself?

Your so sweet!!
Your so skilled!!
I love your hair!!
I appreciate your hard work

What do you think is a good message for a story to have?

You don't need a guy to save you
You can write your own fate
Never give up
You have to make your own dreams come true

Who is your best friend?

My sibling
My pet
Another person my age

Such classic princess is your favorite?

Belle.She loyal to her dad
Mulan. Didn't let being a girl stop her from doing what she wanted
Jasmine. She ran away from her problems but eventually faced them
Cinderella. All the work she had to do didn't bother her

What is your favorite thing to do?

Hang out with friends
Have my own little adventures

If you had three wishes what is the first thing you would wish for?

To have my old best friend back
To able to write out my future
To get the one thing I always wanted
To have my dreams the exact way I imagined them

Where are most happy?

Around other people
Surrounded by the things I love the best
Somewhere warm

You want something your parents won't by for you. What do you do?

I convince them why they should get it for me
I put up a fight. I MUST have it!
My parents will usually get me whatever
I save my money to buy it myself