What Colour Are You? (1)

What Colour Are You? (1)

What colour are you? ex. red, orange, or yellow? Is this quiz correct? Comment below...

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You are offered the lead in your school's play; Peter Pan. You;

Say; "Of course, I mean, it's not like anyone else should have it!"
Say;"Um, no thanks. Maybe next play.."
Say; Oh, my, gosh!!! Really! What an honor! Thank you so much!!!!"
Say;"Eeee!!!!" (times 1,000,000,000,) And run away screaming;"YES YES YES I'VE BEEN WaItInG for this MoMeNt!!!!"
Say;"No, of course not. Why would anyone want to??"
Start blushing as red as a tomato and run away as fast as possible.
Say;"Yes, please! That would be great!" Trying to control your excitement.

You are at the girls basketball game. You;

Think they suck and um you're wasting your time
Totally blend in with the crowd; watching very carefully
Scream really loudly "GO insert school name here GO!!!" and "GO apposing school's name here GO!"- but that's a little less loud
Yell at the top of your lungs;"WOO HOO GO insert school name here GO GO GO WOO HOO!!!!"
Think omg we are so gonna loose we suck ugh ugh ugh
are on the team and are blushing so much at all the cheers and basically dying from exhaustion and nervousness
Wish you could be a part of it

Your class is doing group projects. Everyone;

Stays away from you, because they know you might criticize them
No one chooses you because they know you are going to do it with your BFFs
Runs toward you at top speed because you are really fun to work with and are very bright
Some people come towards you because they know you will be very enthusiastic about the project and will be helpful
Not many people turn to you because sometimes you depress them
Nobody notices you
Everyone who doesn't already have a group runs toward you because you are just plain awesome

You want to start a band but your BFFs don't. You;

Immediately start arguing with them until you get your way
What band. You don't like bands.
Say ok and go ask other people
Get a little sad cuz it sounded really fun
Get really sad and act sad until your friends agree to do it
Um what friends
Get a little sad but go ask other people because you know someone will want to do it with you

You go to a summer camp with none of your friends. You have to make new friends. You;

Get mad none of your friends wanted to do it with you.
Get a little scared but do it anyways
Are completely fine with it and make friends right away!
Are really excited about making new friends and having fun at camp
Get sad that none of your friends-even acquaintances are doing it
Get so super scared that you chicken out and don't even go
Are super excited because you know you will make friends easy-peasy