What kind of books do you like to read?

What kind of books do you like to read?

This quiz is just if you want to know what kind of books you should to read next.

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You are walking in the park and see an old couple strolling down the path. You;

Wonder if their bones are easier to break than that bully's...
Wonder what Chucky the doll would do to them...
Think; 'Aww, they are so cute and old!'
Feel sad about how they might not have much of their lives left to enjoy.

You are watching a horror film about an evil doll. You;

Scream;"Oh, my god that little doll is so creepy!!!" and start to cry.
Think;'Aw yeah! Go little dolly, go! Kill! Kill! Kill!!!'
Say to yourself; "Eh, I could kill off that little toy in like, two seconds.
Be all like; ohmygoodness i feel so bad for all these little childies that are dying.

You go on an adventure to find diamonds in minecraft. When you see the monsters, you;

Think;'Oh, i can't kill those little spideys!!! I just can't!! It would be too sad.'
Say to them;"Ha. I have been to the Nether like one thousand times, AND I've killed the Ender Dragon. You little guys are so puny.
Think; 'Oh my gosh those things are so scary!! I might as well die, then. Because what if they have wives/husbands, and children???'
Say;"Oh yeah!!! Awesome!!! You guys are so awesome!!!"

You go to someone's funeral. Everyone is weeping. You;

Think;'Hmmm, I wonder how he/she died....'
Weep with them. Duhhhh.
Say;"Oh yeah!!!Her/his death must have been epic!!!"
Think;'Oh, his/her lover must be sooo sad...'

You are reading Harry Potter and get to the part where Harry and Ginny kiss. You;

Shield your eyes, even though you know it won't make it any better.
Think;'AWWW!!! So cute!!!!'
Say;"Come on!!! Get to the killing already!!!"
Don't do anything and just keep on reading.