Are you a good babysitter?

Are you a good babysitter?

Are you a good babysitter? Find out buy taking this fun quiz! Quiz made by: Dj.Dash (CrystalWings)

published on February 24, 201433 responses 6
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(Afternoon) Ur friend's mom is busy and wants you to babysit her kids. However, you're planning a party

No and do your own stuff than babysitting the kids. I have a way better life
Sure but I'll give you them early because I have a party to plan
Yeah, the party can be planned another day

Friend's mom: Are you sure?
But before you answered she gave them to you and left

Awesome, what games do you want to play?
Great, I'll be staying here with these kids then?
Cool guys! But uhh, I'll be back in a minute. Just give me abit more time to get stuff ready

The girl hits u with a toy

Don't do that! Learn please! Now let's go do something else.
Oh you're still a kid. Here you go and don't hit.
What the heck?! Then snatch and lock the toy away from her. She needs to understand manners!

An ice cream van was stopping by and the kids looked at the window.
Boy: I want ice cream!!
Girl: Ice cream!! Only for me!

Get ice cream for myself. We can buy candy later
Can't afford and go to the kitchen and give them a fruit instead
Okay but do you promise not to be silly?

You were starving but no dinner was in the kitchen.

I'll go to the shops and get some food right away
We can go to KFC later now don't whine
Let's go to my cousin's house. She has dinner

You guys went to town and the were desprate to get that fluffy bunny toy. It was very expensive.

We can get something else
I need to get some cash first and then we can buy it
I got enough but . . . let's go to the eletronic games and buy those instead.

After a busy 1 hour in town, you decided to go for a walk on the grassy park. But the kids don't like it

Too bad, town is too city-like, don't u understand that I want to be healthy?
Stay for abit and see what the kids might think. They MIGHT think it's a good thing to be round here
Show them that it is nice to have fresh nature air and have fun

Your friend's mom is back. What do you say?

Thank you, it's been lovely
It was a fine day but I don't think I can babysit with them again. Thank you though
A tired day, I never wanted to accept but atleast things are done. Bye and thanks