Are you a good friend? (8)

are you not sure if you are a good friend? well here's the way you can tell! with Ali's Are You A Good Friend Quiz!

published on February 24, 201415 responses 2 2.5★ / 5

someone is making fun of your friend! what do you do!

laugh cause its funny!
tell them to leave her alone or else!
i would just stand there...
punch that b**** !!!
go get a teacher!

when your friend is going through a bad break up what do you do?

leave her alone. she can figure it out on her own.
bring her tissue's and ice cream to cheer her up!
text her some kind words....
umm .... who cares???

if you could save only one thing, your friend, or your phone wich would it be?

my phone duhh ! it has all my apps!
my friend no doubt about it !!
umm ... im not sure thats a hard one...
my friend probebly

on your friends birthday, did you get her a present?

no, why should i ???
no i didnt have enough money but i made her a card!
yes! i spent 50$ on it!
yes but it wwasnt anything huge....

were did you guys meet?

in a park! on a friday.
like it matters ?!?!?!
im pretty sure at school... i think
i dont care !