How awesome are you? (1)

this is my first quiz so I'm sorry if its not to good! I hope it's good though! :D oh and sorry about not having any pictures :S

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You see someone bullying and yelling at others you:

Walk over and punch the guy and tell him to get lost and leave the kid alone.
You ask calmly to stop and help up the one getting hurt.
You stand up to the bully and fight for what is right helping the other up.
You Run over push the bully a few inches and take the other away on your bike to help them get home

Your best friend is crying at school and you:

Walk over and buy them yummy ice cream.
Walk over and say "I know whatever happened sucks but you will be fine soon"
Take them back to there house and watch a movie with cake.
Go to the person who hurt her and yell at him/her for hurting your best friend and in the end punch him/her in the

You see one of your friends trying to get better at sports and you:

Help them train in your free time
tell them what they are doing wrong but not to try to hurt there feelings but to help them.
help fund more lessons
Give up whatever your small problems are and help them train then eat cookies together

What is your favorite of all the animals here:

GUINEA PIGS DUUH!!! no really they rule.
Cats :)
Dogs :D
Other rodents and bunnys and cute things

And finally, what the coolest thing you have ever done?

Im booooring :P
I belly flopped in the pool :C it hurt
Other things that are way more cool than those
I ride horses :D
Well.. i play minecraft and i rule at it? does that count? lol