What Ideal Pet Is For You?

What Ideal Pet Is For You?

This quiz contains the common pets most people will have, but which one is ideal for you? Take this quiz to find out!

published on February 24, 201439 responses 10 4.8★ / 5

What type of pet are you thinking of? (Make sure it's the closest)

Something that won't take up too much time
Playful and time-breaking
Small and cuddly
Sly and silent

Do you prefer a lively household or a quiet household?

Quiet... Peaceful...

You go to the zoo, which animal inspires you?

The big cats! ROAR!
The wolves and jackals! Teamwork!
The bilbies and moles! How nocturnal!
The crocodiles and vipers! SSSS!

Do you like cuddly things or smooth things?


How big is your house-hold? (Choose the closest)

Quite big, decent sized
Very big, could fit many things
Very tiny, a little bit squishy
A little small, not too bad