What kind of Friend are you? (10)

A frenemy maybe?a simple bezzie, a lover? Or does your friendship go deeper than that?

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Have you told Any of your friends secrets before?

Kinda. Maybe , dunno!
Fk no! That's awful!
Yeah, not gonna lie :\
If anyone asks, I'm open!

Chicks before dicks \ Bros before hoes ?

Always, friends are my world
True DAT!
Depends xx
Not a clue what that means!

What do you know about your friend(s)?

Their info, their , number, secrets n stuff.
How about ... Everythin!
Like the back of my hand
Stuff.. Aha

Someone's arguing with your friend(s) , you;

Get your ass over there!
Join in the convo casually
Don't get invovolved .
Walk over, join the fight!

Someone dumps your bezza, you:

Find and kill him(her
Text him your single!
Give him dirty looks as long as he lives
Flirt with him\her. Your so called bezza must of treated them bad!

Have you ever:

Kissed your bezza , anywhere!
Slept beside them
Held hands in public

Your crush want to know your bezzas worst secret , you;

Tell em back off!
Tell them with pride.
Flirtfully tell them, or make a deal and then you do.
Laugh then tell them to f off!

Describe your friendship :

Were like secret lovers
Its just a fake. We just use each other .
They like me but I don't like them back! They think were still bezzas!
Bezzies forever xx