What kind of friend are you? (2)

Are you a BFF, a close friend or a friend? Find out in a matter of seconds.

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How many friends do you have?

A reasonable amount of close friends.
Just one BFFL
loads of them, I can't even count!!

For your friends B-day, how much time do you spend picking out a present?

I take forever deciding the best thing to give her/him.
I have to do it really quick because I have many other friends birthdays coming up!
Haven't taken notice but I only have to do it once or twice a year.

If two of your friends were crying at the same time, how would you sort it out?

that would never happen
Try and help them at the same time, if that doesn't work I would help them one at a time.
it happens all the time and i can't really sort it out that well.

If your friend just got rejected by her crush what would you do?

Comfort her and tell her she was too good for him
Tell her a joke to make her feel better
She doesn't have a crush, well i don't think she does

If you were having a Birthday party and you could only invite 4 people but you have 5 people in your group, what would you do?

Plead with your mum to let you have one more friend
Only invite 4 and leave the one i don't like as much out
That would never happen

Your friend creates a quiz on this website, do you.....

Take the quiz and love it to the max
Pretend you did the quiz when you actually didn't bother